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What is a wire transfer? How can I pay for the product by a wire transfer?

A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of money. In the case of a bank-to-bank transfer, no actual cash is exchanged, but electronic balances in the respective accounts are adjusted accordingly. This is a very secure way to transfer funds, as positive identification of both account holders is required.

Wire transfer has become a very popular method of payment for banking - e.g. transferring funds from a savings account into a checking account. The wire transfer fee is based on a percentage of the total funds being transferred.

A bank-to-bank wire transfer has the advantage of being much more secure and desirable than other forms of payment. Wire transfers even save paper by reducing the need for checks and deposit slips, making them more environmentally friendly than standard forms of banking. To find out how you can benefit from wire transfers for automatic bill payment and other services that reduce hassle and paper, contact your banking institution.

To pay by a wire from us you should:

Step 1

Choose option while placing the order. Be sure to give a valid e-mail address!!!

Step 2

Check your e-mail box. Our bank account details will be sent to your e-mail address specified as soon as the order is approved.

Step 3

Apply your bank (you will have to go there) to get an application form and fill it in according to the requirement. If any question occurs, consult a bank clerk.


The payment must be made within 48 hours from the receipt of the confirmation otherwise your order is rendered void.

If we do not receive the full amount of the order, the money will be sent back and the order cancelled.

Note that you are responsible for any bank fees imposed as a result of this wire. Please be sure to instruct your bank to withhold the charges from the sender or choose OUR as a charge option.

Step 4

As soon as the payment is received by our bank (it takes about 3-5 days) the product is sent out (you will be confirmed by the e-mail).

I received my order this week. Thank you very much. Trust me, I will be ordering again!!!!! My wife was more than suprised with the results and for me.... I felt 18 years old again. Thank you so much. You will be hearing from me again:) - David


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